Our Unplugged Wedding

What is an unplugged wedding and why are you having one?

In short, an unplugged wedding means you leave all your electronics at home, in your car, or in your bag (and turned off) so that you can be in the moment and enjoy the celebration.

Why are we asking for this? It isn’t to be mean, we promise! The hope is that this will encourage you to be a part of the moment, to soak in your surroundings, to interact with your fellow guests (who we think are really rad people!) and to not live these moments through a screen or a view finder. We want to see you when we look at our guests, not your phones or everyone looking away to devices to check texts or see if you got a great photograph.

Our ceremony will be short so you won’t be away from your phones for long – we promise whoever is calling will call back and your unread text will still be there. We want you to be able to really enjoy our wedding, feeling truly present and in the moment with us.

We’ve hired an amazing wedding photographer, Caught You On Camera, who will be capturing the way the wedding looks — and we’re inviting each of you to sit back, relax, and just enjoy how the wedding feels.

We’re respectfully asking that everyone leave all cameras, cell phones, and tablets off and put away. Of course, we’re happy to share our professional wedding photos later, but the greatest gift you can give us is just being fully here with us in this sacred and special moment.

In addition to your now-freed attention to be in the moment and enjoy the actual wedding and celebration with us, this will also allow for the least obstructions (i.e. phones sticking into the aisle, iPads sticking into the air, etc) so our photographers can get amazing shots to share with everyone – and we promise the photos will be amazing!
Often unknowingly guests taking their own photos can get in the way of the hired photography team or alter intended shots by your camera flash going off at the wrong time. We don’t want this to happen or you to feel guilty over getting in a shot (first kiss, first look, etc), so the best course is to encourage you to enjoy the moment and leave the documenting to our fabulous photographer, Whitney, from Caught You On Camera.

Whitney and her team have our every confidence that they will produce phenomenal images that we can all enjoy for years to come (or for as long as you would like). We pinky promise to share these images with you as soon as we get them.

We ask that the “unplugged” wedding consist of the ceremony and the first part of the reception through events such as the first dance, cake cutting, etc. 

This is out of the ordinary – what if I forget?
Not to worry, we will have some pre-selected people give a gentle reminder before the start of the ceremony and before we start the moments of the reception we really want you to be fully present for.

What devices does this include?
Our wish is that all devices that could provide a distraction to you or fellow guests would be left behind or turned off… (and honestly, who wants the embarrassing experience of their phone ringing accidentally during the vows – it’s best to be safe).

We hope you will see where we are coming from. We are more than happy to discuss this more if you have more questions. Our wish is that everyone be capable of living in the moment with us and join in on the celebration.
Love, E+A

The Wedding Venue

We are so excited to have our wedding venue be Creekside Wedding Plantation in Mooresville, AL.
This site for our 6pm wedding and reception borders the majestic Wheeler Wildlife Refuge and Tennessee River. Creekside is a beautiful antebellum plantation estate on 18 acres.

We hope you will love the views and atmosphere as we are surrounded by friends, nature, gorgeous gardens, a working vineyard, and beautiful horses.

Below we have outlined directions and some of what you can expect when you arrive.



Creekside’s Address is:
25800 North Street
Mooresville, AL 35649

While we would hope the address comes up on your GPS or phone, we are aware some GPS systems do not yield a result for the address. In the event that happens to you, we have outlined some directions for you below:

From I-565 West, exit Moorseville Road.
Turn left at exit and go across Old Hwy 20.
Make an immediate left onto North Street.
Creekside Plantation is located at the end of the street. 

From I-565 East, exit Moorseville Road.
Turn right at exit and go across Old Hwy 20.
Make an immediate left onto North Street.
Creekside Plantation is located at the end of the street.

What You Will Experience When You Arrive

Once you begin driving down North Street, we hope you will enjoy the nature views. We plan to have directional signs to help assure you that you are on the right path. You will take North Street east until it ends onto the property. You will know you have arrived when you pass through a beautiful gate at the beginning of the property.

When you arrive, parking attendants will direct you to the closest available parking lot. Please drive carefully – guests who have previously arrived might be walking around and enjoying the views of the property. The car path to nearest parking lot leads you directly past the ceremony site so the parking lot closest to the ceremony site will close a half hour before the ceremony begins to encourage a romantic and safe atmosphere. Any guest with mobility issues will be free to request a golf cart ride to the nearby ceremony site for your enhanced comfort and enjoyment of the celebration.

The ceremony site will have signs with information including the invitation to participate in a ring warming before the ceremony. We would love if you choose to be a part of this, however we understand if this is not up your alley. To read more about the ring warming please read the post here.

After our short ceremony, the celebration will begin. The reception will also be held on the property for your convenience.

The Hotel

We are very excited about the generous and wonderful hotel that we found to book block rooms through. Their discounted room rates for the wedding are amazing and we hope this will make your stay a little easier.

(Eddie used his charm and this expression to lock in these sweet deals!)

We have booked 4 types of rooms through the nearby Holiday Inn Express & Suites Huntsville Airport at 8956 Madison Boulevard, Madison, AL 35758.
This location is convenient for various activities with quick access to Interstate-565 which means that the hotel is only about 12 minutes from the ceremony site.

The hotel proudly provides ideal amenities like free high-speed wired & wireless Internet access and a 24-hour Business Center, complimentary fitness center, in-room Keurig machines, a free airport shuttle from 5am – 10pm upon request, heated indoor pool, hot tub and guest laundry facilities, easy access to such popular local attractions as US Space & Rocket Center, Bridge Street Town Centre, Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, Huntsville Botanical Gardens, and the Propst / Von Braun Center,  all while maintaining exceptional customer service. The hotel also offers a free hot breakfast with a variety of options.

From our tour of the facility, we found the rooms to be clean, modern, and welcoming.

Our block room reservation is available at the discount rate between April 28 and April 30. You may request a few days prior or after those dates as extra dates, although I can not guarantee the discount rate will carry to those additional dates. To book you may call the hotel at 256-258-3000 and ask to book for the Blanton/Chong Wedding in April 2017 or you can book online. Online booking is available via this link:  Blanton Chong Wedding Booking

Please note, you have to put in the dates of/between April 28 – April 30 along with our group code “BCW” and IATA# “99801505” to see the discounted rates. The above link has all of those requirements pre-filled for your ease.

The discounted rates are:
King Leisure NonSmoking ($89/night) – sleeps 2
Two Queen Beds NonSmoking ($89/night) – sleeps 5
King Suite NonSmoking ($109/night) – sleeps 4
2 Queen Beds Suite NonSmoking ($114/night) – sleeps 6

Explore images we took while touring the facility to get a feel for what your stay might look like.

To see what area attractions could be available to you for your free time, see our blog post on our favorite things that the area has to offer.

Ring Warming

A ring warming might be something you have never heard of; to be honest, we hadn’t heard of it until we started researching how we wanted to do our wedding and we just couldn’t pass it up once we knew what it was.

In short, a ring warming is an opportunity for family and friends to pray over / provide well wishes over our wedding rings as a symbolic way of praying for our new marriage. We will then use these rings in our ceremony just like most other weddings.

Most ring warmings are a part of the actual wedding ceremony where the rings are passed through the crowd and a meaningful passage is read during the same time. With so many wonderful friends and family being invited, we did not want to make the ceremony too long, but we wanted everyone to have an opportunity to “warm” the rings if they wished so instead of passing the rings during the ceremony, they will be available before the ceremony for those who wish to participate. Another benefit to this is that this way our non-religious friends do not feel uncomfortable at any point during the ceremony and celebration by being forced to participate in something they do not feel comfortable being a part of. If you’re non-religious or do not want to participate in the ring warming for any reason, that is perfectly fine.

For those who do wish to be a part of the ring warming, prior to the ceremony you will go up to the rings (they will have a sign and one of our friends as a ring attendant), and hold them in your hand for a moment. During this brief time you may say a short prayer or wish over our new marriage. Generally, guests are instructed to hold the rings, warm them with your love, and make a silent wish for the couple that will carry the bride and groom into a bright and lasting marriage.

We hope you choose to participate in the ring warming as a symbolic gesture of wishing our marriage the best and covering us in prayer.