Ring Warming

A ring warming might be something you have never heard of; to be honest, we hadn’t heard of it until we started researching how we wanted to do our wedding and we just couldn’t pass it up once we knew what it was.

In short, a ring warming is an opportunity for family and friends to pray over / provide well wishes over our wedding rings as a symbolic way of praying for our new marriage. We will then use these rings in our ceremony just like most other weddings.

Most ring warmings are a part of the actual wedding ceremony where the rings are passed through the crowd and a meaningful passage is read during the same time. With so many wonderful friends and family being invited, we did not want to make the ceremony too long, but we wanted everyone to have an opportunity to “warm” the rings if they wished so instead of passing the rings during the ceremony, they will be available before the ceremony for those who wish to participate. Another benefit to this is that this way our non-religious friends do not feel uncomfortable at any point during the ceremony and celebration by being forced to participate in something they do not feel comfortable being a part of. If you’re non-religious or do not want to participate in the ring warming for any reason, that is perfectly fine.

For those who do wish to be a part of the ring warming, prior to the ceremony you will go up to the rings (they will have a sign and one of our friends as a ring attendant), and hold them in your hand for a moment. During this brief time you may say a short prayer or wish over our new marriage. Generally, guests are instructed to hold the rings, warm them with your love, and make a silent wish for the couple that will carry the bride and groom into a bright and lasting marriage.

We hope you choose to participate in the ring warming as a symbolic gesture of wishing our marriage the best and covering us in prayer.