The Sweet Proposal


From Amanda’s Point Of View:

On Christmas morning, at my grandparent’s country Kentucky home, with my grandma, grandpa, parents and sister in attendance, Eddie hid a present to save as the last gift of the day.
At what I thought was the end of all the gift giving, Eddie went and retrieved a small neatly-wrapped box and handed it to me saying there was one more gift.
Standing in front of my parents, sister, grandma and grandpa, I opened the gift where inside I found small pink glass heart engraved with “Amanda, My heart belongs to you.” And “June 22, 2013” – the day we began dating.

After that, I turned around to find Eddie standing behind me with a speech in hand. He read his kind, heart-felt speech to which he ended with pulling out a ring box, getting on one knee, and saying “so today I stand in front of you and your family and ask, Amanda Grace Blanton, will you marry me?” I replied, “of course!”


From Eddie’s Point Of View:
She said yes! …. actually, she said “of course”, but that’s a yes!


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